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We are a stable and reliable international cargo transportation company with 9 years of successful market experience. We offer package solutions in the sphere of international cargo transportation – from cargo assembly and storage to cargo distribution and scheduled dispatch in accordance with specified cargo delivery deadlines. We offer full and partial cargo carriage and delivery services “door to door”.

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We offer solutions which help optimise your cargo transportation costs

We have comprehensive knowledge of cargo transportation peculiarities, laws and regulations of different countries, therefore we are a particularly straightforward partner for all your cargo carriage procedures. Our professional, flexible and energetic team will take care of all your cargo transportation needs, including the drawing up of all the necessary documentation and the compilation of your cargo transportation schedules, and will help you optimise your cargo transportation costs.

Our company has been offering flexible international cargo transportation services since 2009. We believe that our long-term experience enables us to create the best possible added value to our clients.  We realise how important the term of delivery is for each company, therefore our team is always there to ensure timely and stable cargo delivery. Our expeditious and accurate solutions save the time of our clients, and we always ensure the best quality of our service. Our flexible and energetic team will take care of all of your cargo transportation needs.

Our guarantees to the client:

  • Optimum cargo transportation costs;
  • Reasonable choice of the route;
  • Timely cargo delivery;
  • Flexible service pricing;
  • Direct contact with the supplier/recipient;
  • Provision of information about the progress of the process;
  • Control of the entire logistics process.

Cargo insurance and safety
We use a state-of-the-art cargo movement control system, therefore our clients can receive the latest necessary information about the movement as well as the loading and unloading times of their cargo. All cargo transported by our company is covered with freight forwarder's liability insurance. Accommodating the needs of our clients, we help to arrange smooth transportation of various kinds of cargo.

Quick and convenient ordering of service

We focus on the creation of added value, therefore we compile individual cargo transportation routes for each client, and thus reduce cargo transportation time as well as other costs that have a significant impact on the price. We offer a variety of integrated cargo transportation solutions: cargo assembly, storage and transportation by road, rail, sea and air transport.

Service offering:
Import / export of goods;
Transportation of assembled, partial and full cargo;
Transportation of oversized cargo;
Intermodal cargo transportation;
Transportation of cargo requiring a certain temperature regime;
Cargo collection and distribution “door-to-door”;
Cargo loading and unloading; handling of documents;
All customs agent services;
Other logistics services.

Responsible approach and goal-orientation

Our team is passionate about quality precision and consistent improvement of the knowledge and appropriate competences, therefore we are able to address any challenges in a professional manner. A dedicated personal manager is assigned to each company to ensure efficient dealing with any cargo transportation issues. Please contact us for the best cargo transportation terms and conditions.

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