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We offer the lease of heavy construction machinery and other vehicles, construction machinery and heavy equipment. Focusing on the needs of different clients, we offer a wide range of vehicles and machinery of various brands, sizes, capacity and other criteria.

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We are a fast-developing company offering the lease services of different machinery and mechanisms for construction, road building, land levelling, excavation and other works. We work with construction companies and help our clients in completing the necessary machinery and mechanism fleet for the building site, with due consideration of the peculiarities and the scope of the project at hand. We lease the dumpers of various tonnage, crane platforms and loaders for oversized and bulk cargo handling. Vehicles are leased with or without operators. We offer package solutions, therefore, if necessary, we are able to form teams of appropriately qualified construction workers to perform various construction works for a period of the client’s choice. 

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We are a strong partner for the implementation of construction projects of any scope, we have a very broad range of heavy construction machinery and mechanisms and offer attractive and competitive lease prices.

We lease:
front loaders;
heavy equipments & construction machinery;
other machinery.

We offer the lease of heavy construction machinery and other vehicles

Your own vehicles and machinery sometimes fail you when you least expect it; sometimes a need for considerably bigger or more powerful construction machinery or heavy construction equipment emerges when the works are already in progress. We offer flexible lease of construction machinery and mechanisms; please contact us and together we will find the best solution that is the most appropriate to your needs!

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