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DIDAR PREFABRIC has been working to offer you a suitable place to spend your happily times in its widespread product range since 1987.

We have so far been exporting to Georgia, Iraq, Ethiopia, Turkmenistan, Libya, Romania, Russia, Cyprus, Switzerland, etc.

We have an experienced team that has realized and successfully delivered projects in many countries.

Our company's productions include: detached and multi-storey prefabricated houses, summer houses, farmhouses, office and construction site buildings, worker camps, social facilities, hotels, schools, hospitals, health centers, business centers, container structures, steel construction structures, warehouses, factory buildings.

As DIDAR PREFABRIC, which continues to establish ready-made structures all over Turkey and the world with the sustainable innovation understanding of its founders, who started to operate in the Prefabricated Sector in 1987, we will be happy to serve you as well.

Some of the most important advantages of prefabricated buildings:

Prefabricated buildings can be applied on lots of kind areas.
They can be demountable repeatedly.
Installation and carriage is easy.
Walls and roof are isolated against to temperature consequently it provides energy saving.
It is possible to implement whatever plan you want.
It can be produced faster than concrete buildings and Installation is done in very short time.

This is an environmentally friendly building system, and there is no environmental pollution or damage during installation.

Usage areas of prefabricated buildings:

  • Tourism sector:

    Camping Houses
    Motel Rooms, Bungalows
    Wc and Shower Units
    Personnel Mess Halls
    Dormitories, Laundries
    Assorted Facility Buildings

  • Commercial Buildings:

    Worksites, Office Buildings
    Cafeterias, Dormitories
    Wc - Shower Buildings
    Social Facility Buildings
    Labor Campuses
    Construction Campuses
    Petroleum Campuses
    Mining Campuses

  • Housing:

    Mountain and Lake Houses
    Garage and Storage Buildings
    Night Guard and Gardener Flats

  • Multi-purpose Buildings:

    Public Buildings
    Schools and Kindergarten
    Health Centers and Polyclinics
    Prayer Rooms
    Natural Disaster and Earthquake Houses
    Emergency Units
    Military Buildings

Betopan Usage:

BETOPAN has been manufactured since 1984 and it has become the favourite product of the building construction sector. It consists of a mixture of wood, cement and harmless chemical additives. It gets its lightness, flexibility and treatability from wood, and its waterproof, moisture-proof and its resistance to fire and deterioration from cement. BETOPAN is offered to consumers with superior constructive characteristics.

Prefabricated System Details:

Didar Asia

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