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Urea 46% Fertilizer grade - (Prill)

Urea 46 prill fertilizer is a high-quality, multipurpose fertilizer that is designed to suit plants' nutritional demands. With a purity of 46%, these compact, homogeneous prills are a concentrated supply of nitrogen, making them a great choice for agricultural and horticultural applications. Urea prills breakdown quickly in soil, giving a quick and effective nitrogen supply for plant development.

Because of their uniform size and simplicity of handling, they are popular among both professional farmers and garden amateurs. Urea 46 prill fertilizer is great for increasing crop yields, encouraging lush green foliage, and assuring healthy, vibrant plants all season long. This quality prill fertilizer is a reliable ally for plant nutrition and development in the field or garden.

Urea 46% Fertilizer Grade - (Granular)

Urea is commonly used in agriculture as a fertilizer and an animal feed additive. The primary function of urea fertilizer is to provide nitrogen to plants to promote green leafy growth and make the plants appear lush. it’s primarily used for bloom growth

Packing available: Jumbo Bags of 1000kg & PP 50kg bags

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