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Soda Ash Dense

Dense Soda Ash, Sodium Carbonate also known as disodium carbonate is a chemical substance white in color and its aqueous solution is clear and colorless (chemical formula Na₂CO₃).

Manufacture of glass, where it reduces the melting temperature of the sand used in glass formation and helps in the 'workability' or shaping of glass articles such as tableware and float glass.

Making soaps and detergents, where it is employed as a builder, or filler, to give a smoother surface.

Production of chemicals such as sodium silicate, sodium bicarbonate and percarbonate, and sodium chromate and dichromate.

Pulp and paper manufacture, water treatment, effluent treatment, metallurgy and drugs

Packing available: Jumbo Bags of 1000kg & PP 50kg bags

Soda Ash Light

A fine white powder that is absorbent and easily dissolves in water, Highly alkaline in water solution, and produces carbon dioxide in reaction to acid Light Soda Ash is an important basic industrial alkali chemical used in soap and detergents, pulp and paper, iron and steel, aluminium cleaning compounds, water softening and dyeing, in fibre–reactive dyes, effluent treatment and production of chemicals

Packing available: Jumbo Bags of 1000kg & PP 50kg bags

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